Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy

Walter Ott, Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2009.

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On the Origin of Species

Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species, ed., Jim Endersby, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
preview through "View Inside"

Gordon Chancellor, John van Wyhe eds., Charles Darwin's Notebooks from the Voyage of the Beagle, Cambridge University Press, 2009.

John S. Wilkins, Species: A History of the Idea,  University of California Press, 2009.

Peter J. Bowler, Evolution: The History of an Idea, 25th Anniversary Edition, University of California Press, 2009.
With a New Preface

The International Library of Essays on Evolutionary Thought series, 5 vols., Ashgate, 2009.

Neil Levy ed., Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology.
Neil Levy ed., Evolutionary Psychology.
Neil Levy ed., Evolutionary Ethics.
Neil Levy ed., The Evolution of Culture.
Neil Levy ed., Intelligent Design and Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.

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The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy

Robert Pasnau ed., The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy,  2 vols, Cambridge University Press, 2009.

続きを読む "The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy"

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Philosophy of Biology: An Anthology

Alex Rosenberg, Robert Arp eds., Philosophy of Biology: An Anthology, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

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Marjorie Grene (1910-2009)

Leiter Reports

A Portrait of Aristotle, 1963, rep. with her preface, Bristol, 1998.
"Aristotle and Modern Biology", Journal of the History of Ideas 33, Festschrift for Philip P.Wiener, 1972.
"Is Genus to Species as Matter to Form ? : Aristotle and Taxonomy", Synthese 28, 1974.
"About the Division of the Sciences", in A.Gotthelf ed., Aristotle on Nature and Living Things: Philosophical and Historical studies presented to David M. Balme on his seventieth birthday,  Pittsburgh, 1985.

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Anscombe's Intention

The Philosophy Department at the University of Chicago presents a conference in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Intention by G. E.M.Anscombe, April 24-25, 2009.

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E. ジルソン『言語学と哲学―言語の哲学定項についての試論』河野六郎 訳, 岩波書店, 1974.
(Y., 500+290)
Étienne Gilson, Linguistique et philosophie, 1969.

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Etienne Gilson, The Spirit of Mediaeval Philosophy, tr., A.H.C.Downes, 1936, Notre Dame, 1991.
(AMP,. 1698+340)
Étienne Gilson, L’Esprit de la philosophie médiévale, 1932.

ファン・ステーンベルヘン『十三世紀革命』青木靖三 訳, みすず書房, 1968.
(NF, 525+350)
Fernand van Steenberghen, The Philosophical Movement in the Thirteenth Century, 1955.

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Influence of Arabic and Islamic Philosophy on the Latin West

Dag Nikolaus Hasse, "Influence of Arabic and Islamic Philosophy on the Latin West", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2008. [September 19]

Alexander Bird and Emma Tobin, "Natural Kinds", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2008. [September 17]

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How to Read series

How to Read series, Granta Books

Miriam Leonard, How to Read Ancient Philosophy, London, 2008.
Richard Kraut, How to Read Plato, London, 2008.
Timothy McDermott, How to Read Aquinas, London, 2007.
Terence Cave, How to Read Montaigne, London, 2007.
John G. Cottingham, How to Read Descartes, London, 2008.
Simon Blackburn, How to Read Hume, London, 2008.

John D. Caputo, How to Read Kierkegaard, London, 2007.
Keith Ansell-Pearson, How to Read Nietzsche, London, 2005.
Mark Wrathall, How to Read Heidegger, London, 2005.
Robert Bernasconi, How to Read Sartre, London, 2006.
Stella Sandford, How to Read Beauvoir, London, 2006.
Johanna Oksala, How to Read Foucault, London, 2007.
Penelope Deutscher, How to Read Derrida, London, 2005.

Mark Ridley, How to Read Darwin, London, 2005.

Barry Kemp, How to Read the "Egyptian Book of the Dead", London, 2007.
Richard Holloway, How to Read the Bible, London, 2006.
Mona Siddiqui, How to Read the Qur'an, London, 2007.

Maurizio Viroli, How to Read Machiavelli, London, 2008.
Peter Osborne, How to Read Marx, London, 2005.
Neil Gregor, How to Read Hitler, London, 2005.

Josh Cohen, How to Read Freud, London, 2005.
David Tacey, How to Read Jung, London, 2006.
Slavoj Zizek, How to Read Lacan, London, 2006.

Nicholas Royle, How to Read Shakespeare, London, 2005.
John Phillips, How to Read Sade, London, 2005.
Derek Attridge, How to Read Joyce, London, 2007.

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